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Lucy Gooch creates goosebumps on exquisite debut ambient EP "Rushing"

The Rushing EP on Past Inside The Present is a beautiful collection of ambient dream scaffolding with fortifying layers of sounds cradling the listener high into the clouds. 

Herein lies a feat of joining exquisite engineering, and soothing artistic emotion. Bristol based Lucy Gooch has made a truly invigorating debut EP in Rushing. Somehow, intimacy and emotion heighten within all of the songs, resulting in body shivers upon listening. Meanwhile, synths and strings set the scene carefully for Lucy's vocals, which are pivotal to reflection and healing. As a result her voice acts as a grounding force in the face of haunting loss, and uncertainty. As an artist Lucy generates deftly produced imaginative landscapes, visually recalling refreshing pools of water to bathe in.

Perhaps not surprisingly the limited vinyl releases on Past Inside The Present sold out almost immediately. However, luckily for the rest of us the vinyl is now on Bleep here.

Connect with Lucy Gooch: Twitter | Instagram


Electronic · Indie


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