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Elian Dust brings out the house soul in all of us with "Celtic Girl"

When Elian Dust released Body Snatchers, he offered a honed despotism; now, the producer has returned to Toolroom Trax with perhaps the apex of classic house music—"Celtic Girl". Backed with a remix headed by Andrew Meller, "Celtic Girl" indulges in funky sensationalism, for an insatiable track that fulfils every house fantasy.

The steamy single is one that isn't afraid to lead, but rather, invites listeners to follow along a narrative brimming with nostalgic vocals to their own accord. Bidding to a big peak that swirls amidst the big pads, Dust beckons the past and future to culminate into "Celtic Girl". Chunky yet contradictory in its soothing build and following breakdowns, the track carries its energy fluidly, pulsating rhythmically throughout for a mesmerizing end.

Meller's remix on the other hand, is deep and driving, accentuated by big rubbery drums and bass wearing around each other to hypnotic effects. Sweeping synths add to the bounce, ensuring plenty of impact on dancefloors all around the world. Overall, both the original and remix of "Celtic Girl" extends their perspective of house into the global soundscape, delivering a just impression and memories to come.

Buy "Celtic Girl" on Beatport here.

Connect with Elian Dust: SoundCloud | Facebook | Instagram
Connect with Andrew Meller: SoundCloud | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

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