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KNOE returns with a nostalgic new single "Manhattan Summer"

Shifting hip-hop into a style of his own, Australian rapper KNOE returns with a nostalgic new single "Manhattan Summer." The single takes us back to a sexy warm summer's night in Manhattan, with a smooth expectant delivery from KNOE coupled with lush vocals provided by Paloma. 

With jazzy productions bringing the city back to life, the journey KNOE takes us on is one we'll never forget. His ability to transcend time through his music, is a gift only the rapper is capable of making.

The immediate resonance with this tune is undeniable, and glancing back at that summer love we once had is hard to avoid. KNOE manages to accurately depict what a summer love feels like - “An overwhelming sense of desperation, a hope that something will spark an opportunity and live in this dream forever. Hanging on the thread of hope is dangerous and addictive and desperation makes you do silly things.”

Inspiration for the track goes back to his times in NYC, more specifically in, of course, Manhattan. KNOE holds our hand and takes us for a walk through a romantic period full of lust and desire, while drawing a parallel between falling head over heels for someone and for a temperamental scene like Manhattan. “In reminiscence of that summer, I noticed a crazy similarity between the way I felt for a woman and the way I felt for the city.”

Connect with KNOE: Spotify | YouTube | Bandcamp

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