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MOMENTS IN TIME presents new Various Artists compilation "Moments Vol 1"

Verging on the cusp of spring, MOMENTS IN TIME welcomes a host of spectacular talents for a new Various Artists compilation aptly entitled Moments Vol 1—kicking off their 2020 on a fine footing.

Moments Vol 1 sees label boss Rudosa opening with "Dominance", a track that's already garnered huge support from fellow techno tastemakers. Despotic with its booming warehouse influences and laden with slick acidic risers, Rudosa hammers in techno drums with relentless fervour, warped synths barrelling along at an enthralling pace for an absolute banger. 

Following, Blicz's "Gate 212" echoes with an enticing drive—a perfectly dark, no frills and uncompromising track that lays bare to our sonic pleasure. Dutch duo Hush & Sleep's "When Angels Cry" asserts itself as the next track in the compilation, keeping the pressure with more streamlined acid techno grooves, fuelled by icy hi-hats and the infectious rumbles of bass.

Switching it up, Italian pair Reform slow down the compilation with melodic overtones in "Holy Graal". Edgy and unabashed, the track doesn't disappoint with its consistent build, shaking the soundscape with alienating synths that reverberate deep into our souls. Lastly, Gijensu's "Inferno Onleyene" wraps up Moments Vol 1 with searing synth lines and rampant drums, transporting us into a whole new dimension teeming with dark techno sensibilities.


Connect with Rudosa: SoundCloud | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram
Connect with Blicz: SoundCloud | Facebook | Instagram
Connect with Hush & Sleep: SoundCloud | Facebook | Instagram
Connect with Reform: SoundCloud | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram
Connect with Gijensu: SoundCloud | Facebook | Instagram

Acid · Rave · Techno


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