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Pat Lagoon implores us to "Take Time" on new track

After the massive success of his last single "Smooth With It," Pat Lagoon returns with a wavy, acoustic trap ballad "Take Time." 

Lagoon continues to showcase exactly why he is currently one of the most revered songwriters in Ireland. With his incredible ear for melody and ability to find cadences that the average artist can't find.  The poetic songwriter knows exactly how to package his content in a palatable way to paint vivid imagery for his listeners.

With production from the incredible CXDY, Lagoon has found a truly unique sound. The acoustic layers found in the production help to add dimension and depth to the overall feel of the track. As a fan of CXDY's work, this isn't the typical beat I'd expect from him. This feels like something that was handcrafted, pre-packaged and gift wrapped. Knocking 808's, crazy hi-hat patterns and effected sample flips tends to land more in his comfort zone but this track, however, shows a more subtle and softer side. For this transatlantic link-up, it's perfect. 

With a project due out this year, Pat Lagoon plans on going from strength to strength this year. I'm very excited to see what's next for The Goon, The CXDY  and The Anomaly Sphere.

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Hip-Hop · R&B · Rap


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