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Ama Lou gives us the scoop on her creative process, upcoming tour, and new visual for "Far Out" [Video + Interview]

Few artists have the ability to allow their most vulnerable selves to be read like an open book while maintaining a captivating enigma. North London's Ama Lou has a rare type of authenticity that is evident in everything she does, from her introspective writing style to her inventive short film direction. In the new video for "Far Out", Ama does exactly what she does best: be herself. On "Far Out", a stripped-down acoustic cut over minimalistic piano chords, Ama speaks on her often misunderstood aura. While her nature to be forthright is sometimes interpreted as cold, she reveals that her honesty is actually rooted in love. A display of her character, "Far Out" shows that sincerity speaks volumes.


We've been following the young talent since we premiered her first release, "TBC" in 2016. Ahead of the "Far Out" announcement, EARMILK spoke with Ama about her creative process, upcoming shows, and her calling as an artist.

With two EPs under her belt and a range of roles held in her short 21 years on earth, Ama lets her intuition and experiences guide her creative process. She pulls on a variety of inspirations when she compiles a project, whether it be as a songwriter or director. “Ama, who? is more a collection of some of my writing styles, messages from the universe you could say, that I put into a project - I wanted to let people know where I was at at that time. DDD was a score from the start, so I had a story and an outline that I was writing to, it was way more specific and had so many different intricacies and needs,” Ama explains.

Despite the very meticulous details that go into crafting a project, Ama’s ability to tell memorable stories comes naturally. When it comes to telling stories through her music, it takes striking a balance of both calculated thought and improvisation: “...writing is writing for me, I know when I can feel it and when I don’t. Film and producing are different in that they require more logic but they still need creative improvisation. So being able to bring that all to the table broadens my horizon when creating projects.”

An old soul, new world creative, Ama’s perspective has an inward-looking angle that pulls on big, sometimes more abstract, notions. In both visuals and lyrics, Ama typically hints at grand concepts rather than explicitly saying what she means. More recently, however, she has been working on consciously transposing her own specific memories into her music, “I think when I was younger I would pull more from the outside world to create concepts, I would piece stuff together. But as I get older my writing is getting more specific. I really understand the importance of writing in a perspective specific to me recently,” Ama details. As we delve into her recent EP, we do get a sense that Ama is shedding the layers and revealing a more personal side to her. 

Words mean a lot to Ama, whether it’s the ones she writes or the manifestations she verbalizes. A firm believer in putting what she desires into the universe, Ama recalls that “pretty much everything” she has actualized has come from speaking those very things into existence. And she does boast quite the repertoire of manifestations. Apart from touring with Jorja Smith, getting co-signed by Drake, embarking on a solo global tour, and collaborating with the biggest names in fashion, Ama will also be hitting the coveted Mallorca Live Festival in Spain this May.

Ama’s prodigal-like maturity is evident, and it's a wonder how, even as a teenager just getting started in the music industry, she already seemed lightyears ahead of her peers. Curious to know what drives this intrinsic wisdom, I dug a bit deeper, “You seem mindful of the fact that tomorrow’s not guaranteed and put in a lot effort into exploring your ideas and making an impact in the present moment. Where does that urgency stem from?” As one would have it, Ama had the perfect response: “Life man. Not to sound ridiculous but yeah just being grateful for everything I have and that I am. All the little things just makes you value life way more. Choosing your language carefully to create the energy you want around you, it comes from just resonating in that space.”

Ama Lou has set the perfect example of mastering the balance between understanding one's purpose, expressing creative freedom, and maintaining excellence in the dexterity of her craft. If she's accomplished all this in her 21 years on this earth, we can only imagine what's to come next. 

The above music video drops alongside the announcement of her Far Out Tour which kicks off April 28th in Oakland, CA. With stops across the U.S. and Canada, 2020 sees Ama continuing off of the momentum of her second EP, Ama, who?

Tickets to Far Out Tour are on sale here.

Far Out Tour Dates

April 28 - Oakland, CA,  The New Parish

April 29 - Los Angeles, CA, Roxy

May 2 - Toronto, ON, Rivoli

May 3 - Chicago, IL, Schubas

May 5 - Atlanta, GA, Vinyl

May 7 - Washington, DC, Songbyrd

May 10 - Boston, MA, Sonia's

May 11 - Brooklyn, NY, Baby's All Right


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