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Introducing AMA LOU and her debut single "TBC"

AMA LOU is a young artist that resides in North London AKA the region of the UK that is notorious for brewing fresh talent like Little Simz & Skepta. Today, EARMILK premieres AMA LOU's debut track "TBC" produced by Exmoor Emperor and mastered by Stuart Hawkes [Metropolis].


The track starts with Ama's haunting vocals over spacey synths. Her range and depth in her tone really carry most of the intro. Suddenly snaps, clicks, clacks with a rolling bassline drops as she riffs over the production. If you listen carefully you can hear harmonic female samples chiming in the background like angels in a choir. Ama has this hybrid that is almost contradictory to review in music terms - she has a very unique vulnerability in her vibrato while also maintaining such a strength in her sound. The 18-year-young artist is a brilliant star on the rise that utilizes her voice for much more than just auditory satisfaction. Ama describes how TBC alludes to The Black Lives Matter movement by referencing mass murder and annihilation of Black and Brown America.

"I write both from primary and observatory points of view. The verses portray a sense of group and togetherness, standing together and fighting against archaic societal rules opposed by modern feminism and the millennial generation. The pre chorus references the infamous last words “I can’t breath,” uttered by Eric Garner, the Staten Island, New Yorker choked to death by police in July 2014. The chorus, which is about the views of those trying to change their environments for the better in “Should it be I’ve lost my way,” is a kind of mockery of the media’s perpetuated projected propaganda that labels activism “crazy”; because they have lost their way and place in society, they need to make noise and be heard."

This song not only only sounds sensually like silk, but possesses a strong political message. It's hard to find tracks now-a-days that are pleasing to the ear and stimulating for the mind. Keep an eye on this young one; this is just the beginning.

Connect with AMA LOU: Twitter | Instagram

Photo credit: Alex Partridge

Future R&B · Neo-Soul · PBR&B · R&B · Soul · Soul-Hop


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