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Katie Burden's 'Edge of Sleep' EP is a dream you won't forget

Katie Burden, whose musical journey includes a transformative meditation retreat and a stint as an art therapist, is not your average psychedelic songstress. The LA-based singer-songwriter recently released her new EP, Edge of Sleep, and I don't advise sleeping on this one. Issa slapper.

Burden picked up steam for Edge of Sleep after dropping a single of the same name. On a project with blaps front to back, "Edge of Sleep" features Burden comfortably in her habitat, wooing listeners with her voice that's equal parts angelic and spooky, a butterfly knife that slices you open in the nicest way possible. The track also masterfully evokes that eerie feeling of 4 a.m. grog when you're drifting between wakefulness and sleep. Check out the video for the full effect:

Burden is definitely in the zone when her chef's kiss of a voice is front and center. Give her some sonic breathing room on songs like "When They Touch Your Body" and "United Front Man" and it's a wrap. There are levels to Burden's vocal powers, though; i.e., she can flash her fangs a bit more if need be (looking at you, "Little Annie"). Overall, Edge of Sleep shows Burden isn't beholden to one persona and that these five ditties are merely a Costco sample of her repertoire.

Give Edge of Sleep a spin and be on the looky for Burden's future drops via the links below. Sweet (almost) dreams!

Connect with Katie Burden: Instagram | BandcampTwitter | Facebook

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