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Limerick rapper Willzee teams up with delsuh on the powerful "Dear Friend II"

Willzee returns to the mic with the brand new track "Dear Friend II". With the support of Welcome to the New World label mate delush, he delivers one of the most powerful and resounding reflections of modern day Ireland. 

In this incredible visual, directed by Dave O'Carroll, we get a clear and harrowing view into what growing up in Limerick is like. We are shown through the both the visual and Willzee's incredibly poetic verses what its truly like growing up in one the toughest cities in Europe. 

With nicknames such as "Stab City", Limerick has become notorious with violence in modern Ireland but Willzee has found way to perfectly explain it in so many words. The spacious beat allows for an almost spoken word like verse from the Limerick artist. The production almost builds to crescendo with pianos and strings adding high tension toward the end of the track. As the record becomes more punchy and heart breaking, the lyrics become more potent and strong. 

Willzee has accessed parts of his writing style that people take years to unlock. He has mastered painting images for a listener to comprehend. This track has drawn from so much real life experience that it felt impossible to exist outside of the south of Ireland. However, his way with words and the amazing production has made this incredibly specific song accessible to the entire world. 

The most important take away from this track is the feeling of hope. We must leave the past in the past and try and learn from our mistakes and grow. This is a rallying cry to communities all over the world that seem entrenched in crime and violence. There is a way out and home will always be where the heart is. 

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