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Joshua James returns to Phantasy Sound with "Marlene"

XOYO’s beloved resident Joshua James has returned to Erol Alkan’s Phantasy Sound label to release “Marlene”. The upbeat, contemporary house track is further accompanied by two remixes from Swiss legend Deetron.

“Marlene” is a track which is slowly infectious, beginning with a vocal contemplating ideas surrounding love giving a distinctly eighties feel to it. It’s a peak-time, sophisticated chugger which mirrors the energy that one might experience at one of James’ Pleasurehood appearances. As “Marlene” unwinds, the listener is presented with a wholly unexpected, somewhat brief, and yet very liberating outpouring of electro. It adds a whole new dimension to the track, hitting us with a much-welcomed smack to the face.

The “Deetron Remix” gives the track a bassier edge, building in pressure as the track goes on. Combined with muffled selections from the original vocal, it gives “Marlene” a more dance-ready feel from the get-go. This is counteracted by rippling keys and thoughtful chords, which completely alter the vibe of the track for a few moments before the initial energy returns. The “Deetron Filter Dub” is fairly similar to the initial remix, although it is fair to say perhaps this one is more suitable for the after-hours with it’s more stripped back, raw sound. “Marlene” marks another smooth and refined release on the Phantasy Sound label for James hopefully there is plenty more to come.

“Marlene” can be streamed via Spotify and purchased via Beatport.

Connect with Joshua James: Spotify | Twitter | Instagram

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