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The Crowleys release dreamy funk track "Simple Reflection"

Hamilton synth pop band The Crowleys have just released the dizzying single "Simple Reflection," their first release of 2020. The new effort is full of vibrant synth instrumentals and dreamy vocals that blend together for a woozy flow that encourages blissful daydreams and mindless wandering. With shimmering keys, piercing guitar, steady thumping beats, and an inspiring vocal performance, this is surely a stop-and-smell-the-flowers kind of track from The Crowleys.

Although the track has a plethora of elegant voices, the most charming part of "Simple Reflection" might just be the tempo. It feels just the right speed and steadiness; not staggeringly slow, not pressingly fast. From the opening keys, every dreamy and indulgent element of the track feels perfectly settled into where it needs to be. It brings a fun, new quirk to your attention with every listen while keeping a grounded focus on the larger energy of the song. Perhaps this is why the hook's echoing vocals are so fitting. They remind you to relax and get lost in the many visceral layers. Chiming lyrics like, "So let my mind go. See the city flow up on the rooftop" and, "Simple reflection, hanging out in my mind" reinforce this notion.

Regardless of your approach to listening to "Simple Reflection," the energy and charm are undeniable. Here The Crowleys execute an uplifting jam that feels like the warmth and ambition of a beautiful spring to come. The artistic force they bring is neither underwhelming nor overbearing, but just right in a satisfying "Simple Reflection."

Connect with The Crowleys: Spotify | Twitter | Instagram

Funk · Indie · Synth


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