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MEI opens up on striking new EP "No Steps Back"

MEI has returned with the heartfelt final installment of her season-themed project inspired by Antonio Vivaldi. The London multi-talented artist has followed up her EPs No Bad Days and No Dim Lights with No Steps Back, a fresh batch of three new songs influenced by winter that showcase MEI’s burgeoning talents and endearingly personal lyrical voice.

With an over-arching theme through the three EPs that explores the complexities of relationships, MEI focused on particular moods associated with winter months on No Steps Back. In a statement she explained the connection, writing “The bitter cold and gloomy days can be depressing and you rely even more so on the loved ones around you… if these relationships are strained it affects the relationship you have with yourself.” Over the course of the three songs, MEI finds a delicate balance between the realistic struggles of dark times and drawing strength from confronting these adversities.

Beginning with minimal production from Joy Anonymous on “Sore,” MEI sets the stage for the rest of the EP with honest, emotive lyrics and delivery. “Dance To Pain” follows with a churning beat and a delicate piano melody while she sings more about relationships’ potential to go sour. The standout of the set, though, is the finale “I Don’t Know What’s Next.” The song has a timeless production vibe with simple yet effective harmonies and finds MEI reaching a beautiful point of self-acceptance. Not only does the track tie up the EP nicely, but it also provides a fittingly resilient and original conclusion to the series.

No Steps Back is available to download or stream here.

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