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DMX Krew's "Modern Body" explores the spectrum of electro

As far as electro is concerned, DMX Krew is a legend and connoisseur to say the least. Modern Body, released via Ed Upton's own Breakin' Records, is yet another stellar record that pays homage to his prolific, yet under-the-radar career. The vinyl-only release consists of four tracks, spanning from the more relaxed and old school sounds to rave-ready heaters. 

With a career spanning 25 years, and a rough estimate of around 1800 tracks produced, Upton is about as experienced as they come when it comes to the art of production. “Astro Wandering” showcases his ability to create darker, spookier electro it’s a track with an almost menacing undertone to it, although the balance between ominous and enjoyable is just right. “Upstairs Track” shares similar qualities to its predecessor, before dropping further into moments of frenzy. It’s fair to say this is definitely a track which would go down a treat in a dark basement somewhere; the brief points of mania are timed perfectly to add excitement to the track.

“Arcturus VII” is at a completely different end of the spectrum. It’s more chilled out, filled with euphoric synths and occasional bleeps, switching between sounding like something from the 70s and something from the distant future. A winning combination if ever there was one. “Zone Dance” — again highlighting Upton’s masterful approach to production — is completely unlike any of the other tracks on the release. Coming in with a BPM of 140 and some serious breaks throughout, “Zone Dance” was made for the club, outright. Each track exudes its own very different energy, but “Zone Dance” is one which is hard to match, making it a clear stand out on a very solid release.

Modern Body can be purchased via Juno Records.

Connect with DMX Krew: Spotify 

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