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JINKA delivers bouncy new electro pop record "25 minutes"

Transylvanian artist Jinka comes in today with a bouncy new ballad "25 minutes" from her upcoming debut album No Anything Else. The single drives forward with a buoyant production inspired by afro-trap infused beats and supported by Jinka's pop-oriented vocals. She shares over email that this song was written, "for the superstitious", a track she made sure used the number 25 precisely 25 times throughout the song, hence the name. 

The verses, driven by afro-trap infused beats are matched with effervescent synth progressions, culminating in her own version of an electro-pop record that carries a bit of what Jinka likes to call "pop-cultural trash". While we're not completely sure what that means, we do know that Jinka is looking to reach the early adopters of 2000's Avril Lavigne fan clubs. If this is speaking to you, give it a spin!
Connect with Jinka: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter
Electro Pop


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