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Jadakiss, Rick Ross, and Emanny release new track "Kisses To The Sky"

The Yonkers OG, Jadakiss, rapper Rick Ross, and R&B singer Emanny drop an electrifying track called "Kisses To The Sky." After listening, you are guaranteed to be moved to your core and to feel the power of the music.

"Kisses To The Sky" is a perfect blend of hardcore rap and gentle R&B tunes that create the ideal balance for everyone to vibe to. This trio was the perfect combination, designing an enthralling song. Jadakiss cleverly uses lyricism to leave an impact on you, intelligently rapping as if he is able to see right through all of us. On the chorus, Emanny soothingly sings directly to your soul while touching your heart. Lastly, adding his own unique touch, Rick Ross is able to wittily rhyme words while maintaining an impeccable flow. Combining all of these artists together along with a powerful beat, it is no surprise that you will find yourself hitting repeat after listening.
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