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Olivia Henry exceeds "Expectations" on new album

LA singer-songwriter Olivia Henry recently blessed us with her Expectations album, and, yes, it's a banger. After generating quite a bit of hype following her previous project, Sessions, she impressively exceeds the expectations for this most recent drop—and then some.

Expectations once again spotlights Olivia Henry's welcome addition to the nu jazz category, combining jazzy, soulful, poppy vocals reminiscent of Jill Scott and Amy Winehouse, but ultimately a byproduct of her own raw power and noir sensibilities.

The album is bookended by two phenomenal tracks ("In My Touch," "Crazy") with plenty of moody, enrapturing joints sandwiched in between. Olivia Henry goes full vampiress on "In My Touch," the lead-off song that sinks its teeth and doesn't let go until the album fades out. Even in her more antagonistic performances, however, lies a singular beauty to Henry's voice that is refined, sparkling, and unforgettable. "Crazy," the final act, sends us off with a calming bang; a reverberating stillness that speaks to Henry's power over her listeners.

Expectations is now available for purchase and stream on all major platforms. Tap in via the links below and experience the fresh stylings of a songstress who has only begun to spread her wings.

Connect with Olivia Henry: Instagram | Official Website | SoundCloud | Twitter

Indie · Neo-Soul · Pop


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