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Nicki Knightz sheds light on her lineage on "Blacker The Berry"

Hackney emcee Nicki Knightz shares a little bit of her life on the eclectic part tribute track titled "Blacker The Berry" and its accompanying video adds a nice touch in reinforcing her feelings. Raised by a Nigerian father, Knightz was highly inspired by his work ethic and principles which helped her grow into the strong, independent woman she is. She lets it known from the jump that she is not here to play games and immediately states her claim over the broody, hard-hitting backdrop by her partner in music producer/rapper Henny Knightz.  The rapper uses the track as an outlet for the outcasts, those who were left out and forgotten but armed with the resilience of steel, they eventually come out on top. 

As for the video, she recruits the help of  SauAli who keeps it as organic as possible with a central focus on Knightz's unique androgynous style that sets her apart from the rest. The video plays on the typical African uncle, unrestrained and at ease, but eternally the master of his own affairs. Fiercely independent and possessing deep contempt for the police, uncle is played by none other than Top Boy’s Alessandro Babalola.

"Blacker the Berry " is the first release from her forthcoming EP, For the Uninformed.

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