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KORDELYA delivers a menacing performance in this new trap-inspired single “Pedazo De”

KORDELYA’s tribal-pop bursts continue to flourish on her latest single “Pedazo De” ahead of her forthcoming album, Mal Hecha due March 13, and her official SXSW performance. Propelled from a darker shade of trap, the Mexican-American artist emerges into her own distinct light of confidence and innovation, harmonizing her cultural influences for a rich sound.

As the artist’s last single “Consentido” highlighted a lighter side of wants, “Pedazo De” takes a different route on the path of self-discovery by breaking toxic cycles. The track paints a destructive picture early on around a person’s manipulative charm and tricks as KORDELYA rhetorically asks the point to this complicated relationship. Dispersing from its literal meaning of being “a piece of,” the sultry single reassures KORDELYA isn’t a piece of anything or anyone. KORDELYA nods from an earned spite at the saying of being a whole meal, not a snack, cleverly playing with her words. Innuendos aside, she promises if she isn’t “eaten well” there’s no point in being faithful, ultimately turning the tables (“No soy un tentempié / Si no me comes bien no te voy a ser fiel”).

Built upon the strings of the Chinese instrument guqin, “Pedazo De'' confidently struts in company with KORDELYA’s lines of this new found nirvana. The artist’s flow becomes self-assured by the second verse and bends with the trap-infused production. KORDELYA maintains a firm grip of control on her vocals that sway like a melodious waterfall to a more smoky tone. Nevertheless, it’s a flow that takes cues from the trap scene, specifically the chopped delivery heard on the break, blended to the limelight of electronic-pop.

“Pedazo De” becomes a track that puts to the forefront a person’s worth. KORDELYA executes her freedom, while developing her own voice, and preaching that we are all more than “a piece” of something and someone. The artist’s single sets anticipation for Mal Hecha and is sure to ignite more shows throughout Los Angeles.

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