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Nadia Rose and Thai Chi Rose team up on “Backseat”

R&B meets rap as Nadia Rose forms a tag team with her little sister Thai Chi Rose in new single “Backseat.” Thai Chi lays the undeniably catchy hook as Nadia displays her lyrical prowess through wordplays and rhymes in this masterful new collab. Meanwhile, the singer adds a Caribbean effect with her lyrics in the second verse.

Last year, Nadia Rose’ toxic relationship with her label came to an end. For her, this means the freedom to create whatever she wants, release it whenever she wants, and promote it however she wants. “Backseat” is an appetizer for fans who have been patiently waiting for her to release new music and a celebration of creative freedom. 

The artist’s failed relationship with Relentless Records is what hindered the growth of her career between 2017 and 2019. However, it’s a fresh year (and decade) and Nadia Rose is ready to do what’s she knows how to do best—be a “bad gyal rapper”. Also, “Backseat” is the first song Nadia Rose has ever produced and from the quality of the beat, it seems like she has had a lot of practice. With this song, she adds a new title to her resumé—Nadia Rose the producer.

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