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Marie Dahlstrøm shows eloquent style on new single "Like Sand"

With the release of another tease of her debut album, Marie Dahlstrøm proves that her upcoming project is bound to make waves. The Danish, London-based artist has announced the title Like Sand with the delivery of the title track that features British guitarist Beau Diako. Dahlstrøm’s music delivers a master class in tasteful writing, performing, and production, and “Like Sand” is no different. Following “A Loveletter, An Improvisation,” and “Through Your Eyes,” it’s clear why so much excitement has been building for the LP.

Diako’s playing fits seamlessly within Dahlstrøm’s sonic aesthetic as he offers a combination of soothing chordal pads and gently playful responses to her vocal lines. The arrangement is filled out with minimal percussion, deep bass notes, and light keyboard phrases, providing a warm bed over which her vocals glide. With soulful yet restrained delivery, she sings about overcompensating in a relationship for fear of losing the other person. The sentiment is punctuated with the line in the hook, “When you’re holding too tight, she will slip away like sand.” Earnest, relatable lyrics and stellar musicality make “Like Sand” an outstanding offering from Marie Dahlstrøm.

"Like Sand" is available to stream or download here. Catch Marie Dahlstrøm performing live in Europe this spring:

March 5th - Bermondsey Social Club, London UK - Tickets

March 15th - Jazzhus Montmarte, Copenhagen, DK - Tickets

Connect with Marie Dahlstrøm: Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Spotify | Soundcloud | Website

Neo-Soul · R&B


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