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Marie Dahlstrøm releases a stunner with "A Loveletter, An Improvisation"

One of the most difficult feats in music is making complex music sound effortless. On her latest release “A Loveletter, An Improvisation,” pianist and singer-songwriter Marie Dahlstrøm masters the challenge. The new single is the first taste of the Danish, London-based artist’s debut full-length album due out in 2020. The track provides a fitting showcase of her warm musical style and exceptional musicianship in her vocals as well as on the piano.

Co-written with Conor Albert, Dahlstrøm spontaneously delivered the lyrics in the studio without any foresight. Yet somehow in her understated verses, she still offers a glimpse into raw emotions, as she comes to grips with romance. Dahlstrøm proves to have a special knack for melody. Extending non-lyrical vocal lines and gentle soulful piano solo closing the track. Her captivating voice and lyrics float over the song’s subtle harmonies in a beautifully natural way, allowing the listener to drift away to another plane. Marie Dahlstrøm’s reputation has been on a gradual ascent in recent months. If “A Loveletter, An Improvisation” is any indication, her forthcoming album will take her to new heights.

"A Loveletter, An Improvisation" is available to stream or download here.

Connect with Marie Dahlstrøm: Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud | Spotify

Feature · Jazz · Neo-Soul · R&B


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