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AEIT's "Sent To Punish" is an industrial techno haven

UK duo AEIT have released their new EP, Sent To Punish, via SNTSSacred Court imprint. With support from the likes of Ancient Methods, Tommy Four Seven, Stephanie Sykes and Rebekah, there are no doubts that whilst it may not be for the fainthearted, lovers of any and all things industrial may just find their new favourite techno boyband in AEIT.

Whilst they are no stranger to playing alongside some of the most respected names in the scene, producing music is a different kettle of fish; Sent To Punish is a shining example of their ability to hold their own across the board. “Perception of Fate” kicks off the EP with a bang, allowing us to hear a slightly groovier side to the duo before things start to get really heavy. The track eases the listener into the EP, slowly crescendoing until full throttle is reached. “Thoughts of Betrayal” is far more straight to the point, and the following tracks show no signs of letting up anytime soon. Consisting of relentless drums, ferocious pace, and a distinct lack of any sort of build-up or drop, this is one for the hardcore techno heads.

“Sent to Punish” continues where it’s predecessor left off, although this one potentially manages to take it up yet another notch. A definite standout of the release, it one sounds like it’s coming straight out of Bassiani. The final track of the release, “No Remorse,” is about as brutal as the title may suggest. It’s warped, unabating, and it definitely means business. Sent To Punish is an incredibly impressive EP, and one that will definitely be doing the rounds on the techno circuit this year.

Sent To Punish can be streamed and purchased via Bandcamp.

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