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Falcon Punch can’t have you “Giving Up On Love”

Denver producer Falcon Punch has released a fiery new single called "Giving Up On Love." 

Over the years Falcon Punch has shown many sides to his sound, sometimes upping the classic disco and at other times leaning more towards pop. One thing that's certain is no matter what his singles or remixes sound like, they're always groovy. "Giving Up On Love brings the best of all sides of Falcon Punch for an infectious, supercharged dancefloor killer, and one of his strongest releases to date. Between the feel-good energy and driving force of the arrangement, he layers echoing piano chords and soulful vocals for a beautifully hypnotic progression. The result falls somewhere between French touch, R&B, and disco house.

Connect with Falcon Punch: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Dance · House · Indie Dance · Nu-disco · Pop


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