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Sphinx II9 follows up with thought-provoking 'Lucky Lefty' EP

DMV recording artist Sphinx II8 gained notoriety back in 2019 with a shocking debut single called "The Journey." A controversial song at the time that revealed modern-day slavery among the black community. Following the praise for that track's social awareness, the rising star returns with his seven-track debut album, titled, Lucky Lefty that expands upon his thought-provoking narrative.  

Sphinx II8 fulfills expectations with conscious nad poetic lyricism about various cultural issues, economic empowerment, self-education, and social awareness. Including "The Journey," the project's identity sticks out with standout tracks like  "Too Late" and "Role Model".  Sphinx II9 uses each track to dive into personal trauma, reflecting on the ageless issues of being a black American and being comfortable in one's own skin.
Sphinx II9 masterfully packages the sensitive material of the delicate subject matters with alluring soundscapes that blend lush, cinematic backdrops and heavy trap elements. On the importance of making the EP, Sphinx shares via email, “This project made me feel like a maven from start to finish. My music is universal. Saga music you and I can relate too. Your experiences teach you who you are. It’s the map of your life”.

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