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Skip the "Kodak & Codeine" and show your love to the one that matters with Skott's newest anthem

It's February 14th, which means that your playlists are probably queued up with either a slew of romantic declarations, or carefully chosen rejection anthems. Valentine's Day may be a commercialized holiday veiled as a celebration of love, but it can be a time to celebrate the most important relationship you have—the one with yourself. And Sweden's own Skott has the perfect song to guide you through it, with her newly released "Kodak & Codeine". 

On the surface, it checks all the boxes for an empowered break-up song: entitled lyrics, accusatory tone, and a raunchy beat. In truth, though, it weaves a more significant story than that of a heroine who finds herself better off alone. "‘What should be equally important as celebrating and strengthening healthy love, is to break with the bad kind of love," she explains in a press release. "It takes a lot of courage to acknowledge, accept and get out of a toxic relationship. Please choose loving yourself first and foremost this Valentine’s Day, and every day." 

Delivering this message the only way she knows how—with infectious vocal hooks—Skott firmly earns her spot as not only a self love advocate, but a reigning pop connoisseur. Raucous drum kicks sharpen their edges over a chiming melody as her icy vocals land their punches. There's no trepidation or uncertainty, just a woman who knows her worth and isn't afraid to show it. 

"Kodak & Codeine" is the third track to be released on Skott's newly formed record label Dollar Menu. And there is no indication of slowing down, as more new music (perhaps a debut album) is slated for release this year. 

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