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Optimystical releases gorgeous new single "All Types of Love"

Of all the holidays on the calendar, Valentine’s Day is arguably the one with the most put-upon expectations. As people try to navigate the abundance of contrived traditions in media and advertising, Optimystical has delivered a new single with a refreshingly honest, nuanced portrayal of love entitled, “All Types of Love.” The meditative, genre-bending new single is an impressive outing for the Arizona-based group, whose sophomore EP Void Of is set for release on February 29.

“All Types of Love” is a slight sonic departure from Optimystical’s debut EP Smile and Wave from 2018, which had a heavy focus on guitars. For the new material, the five-piece group opted for more piano and synths with an emphasis on cultivating atmospheric vibes. If this single is any indication, the crew is headed in some exciting directions.

With a patient beat and repeating chords that swirl through the mix, “All Types of Love” slowly simmers with energy throughout, beginning with intricate rhymes from rapper Keynan Willis before gradually building to a climax with vocal support from pianist Cara Nassar. The two weave their words together as they reiterate the words, “I know it’s what you can’t see… you can’t let go.” The expressive, catchy vocal parts combine with surging instrumentals for a truly powerful track that provides a welcome counter to the wave of inauthentic expressions of romance this time of year. Optimystical is taking their sound to new levels, and we are absolutely here for it.

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Experimental · Feature · Hip-Hop


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