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Marina Kaye releases shadowy pop hit "The Whole 9" [Video]

The common answer to why most artists get their start, in short, is that they want to create or perform. First taking the stage at age 13, you might think the same for French alt-pop artist Marina Kaye but the truth is a little more complex, with Kaye stating in the press release, "I never really thought I would be making music professionally." Leading on to share that "I’ve been singing since I was very young to heal myself and soon realised I could heal other people’s wounds with my music".

The now 22-year-old and burgeoning pop superstar continues to mature, sharing "The Whole 9" from her upcoming album. The dark-pop production, reminiscent of earlier Lady Gaga, combined with her emphatic top line that's delivered in her sultry and stoic French twang is truly something to behold. Lyrically, it touches on her challenging youth, with Kaye quoted in the press release that "the song is about letting this person into my life, with a reminder of how this can turn out."

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