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Sofila shares a "Little Slice of Heaven"

Sofila is a budding singer/songwriter with a background in musical theatre but she admittedly just recently found her own voice and sound early last year. This lead to her taking the step of putting together her debut EP First Breath, scheduled for release sometime in March. Her first single "Little Slice of Heaven" helps introduce us to the eclectic soulful style the young lady has to offer.

Flanked by a lush heavenly guitar plucks and lush keys, Sofila's sublime vocals play center field with a distinct melodic tone and passionate lyrics that celebrate her current relationship. She admitted via email that she didn't find it easy to fully convey her deepest feelings despite being a Cancer, so penning this record really got her out of her comfort zone just to bare her emotions over the smooth alluring soundscape. 


"Little Slice of Heaven" feels like a tip of the proverbial iceberg and clocks just below the 3-minute mark. It is brief but packs a lot of punch for a tribute song. Sofila is a college student with one forthcoming EP First Breath.

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