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Alysha is only getting started on debut EP "Midnight Rendezvous"

With the resurgence of soulful sounds in contemporary pop music spawning offshoots of genres in all directions, the more nostalgic or "classic" stylings of R&B and Soul are taking a bit of a backseat as the aesthetics evolve. That's not to say that there isn't great music out there to completely satisfy that itch, and London-based talent Alysha dutifully delivers with her debut project Midnight Rendezvous.

Featuring "David Attenborough" and "Dreams," Alysha's 2019 debut singles that caused quite a stir, the EP fulfils the clear supply and demand for her music with three more tracks that perfectly display her sonic trajectory. Throughout the EP there are flavours of inspiration from newer artists such as Tinashe and Jorja Smith that work synergistically with the jazzier elements pulled from the likes of Sade's classic back catalogue. Sitting at around sixteen minutes in length, there's enough here to really sink your teeth into but it leaves you with a desire for more, and there's no doubt plenty more to come from this inspired talent this year.

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