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Hush & Sleep's newest release 'Angeli E Demoni' effortlessly blends melodic and big-room techno

Hush & Sleep, a Maastricht-based duo have started 2020 with a bang, releasing their EP Angeli E Demoni on Joseph Capriati’s Redimension imprint. Described as a “melodically charged techno release”, the four-track EP combines elements of smooth, melodic techno with the pace of big-room beats.

The first track, “Abaddon” feels more invested in the melodic side of things. Filled with tight kicks, strings, and melodic synths, it’s easy-listening techno that doubles just as nicely as a peak-time track. “Haborym”, the second track pushes the EP closer towards the industrial side of things at times. A combination of energetic build-ups, moody basslines and just enough use of the cymbals make “Haborym” one of the stand-outs of this release. It’s a very happy medium for those who like their techno lively, without it being too heavy.

“Amorth”, which is labeled as the EP’s B1, carries on where “Haborym” finishes. Keeping the darker edge that “Haborym” has over “Abaddon”, “Amorth” presents the listener with clattering percussion to match its predecessor. Though slightly more melodic, it continues the driving force behind the EP. “Elohim” offers something fresh to close the EP with, merging subtle chords with a euphoric break; although the EP has a relatively dark sound, “Elohim” also has an uplifting element to it. The Angeli E Demoni EP is a solid release that effortlessly merges two very different aspects of techno into one.

Angeli E Demoni can be streamed via Spotify or purchased via Beatport.

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