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Take your "Cameras" out and get ready to record Adrian Stresow

Rapper and producer Adrian Stresow from Dallas, Texas is back with an incredibly catchy new single "Cameras."
Having a great love for music, Stresow taught himself to produce at the young age of 13. Now, at the age of 21, I guess that it comes to no surprise that the beats and sonic components of this track are very distinct due to the way that they are able to snatch your attention. Although he fits right into modern rap, Stresow's versatility is impressive because he is able to include creepy yet ethereal sounds that add beauty to "Cameras." 
Because of the memorable chorus, you are guaranteed to find yourself singing along to the lyrics. Making it clear that he isn't impressed with the illusion of an image, this artist "dropped $10 for this shirt. What's flexing?" He is only interested in what is real. While being relatable, he definitely shows that he stands out. 
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