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POOLCLVB touches on the deep exploration of absence in his new single "Erase"

POOLCLVB had a phenomenal 2019, which saw the Australian artist tour a lot and release his successful - and only - track of 2019, "Space", however, today sees the release of POOLCLVB's first track of 2020, "Erase".

Out now through Etcetc, POOLCLVB's "Erase" is a deep exploration of absence, specifically touching on someone you had a deep love or connection to, and no matter the time or place, the memories of that interaction can always linger in the peripherals of your thoughts. However, there is a twist to this song, it is actually sung from Moli’s perspective and it's like she has held up a mirror to POOLCLVB's own life experiences.

Featuring the vocals of UK/Belgian singer-songwriter Moli, "Erase" sees the Sydney-based producer bring together his much loved future pop and electro-dance vibes to touch on a period of his life feeling displaced. There was a pivotal moment last year where POOLCLVB had to learn to put aside the self-doubt and open up to discover the deeper parts of himself, and actually release music instead of just sitting on it and holding it tightly to himself.

Since the release of POOLCLVB's previous single "Space", the Sydney-based artist has spent quite a bit of time traveling and collaborating throughout Los Angeles, London, Tokyo and Bali. Usually, POOLCLVB is quite secretive with his output, however, he has been opening himself up to collaborating more, which has been incredibly liberating; which has allowed POOLCLVB to explore new methods and techniques.

2020 looks to be a busy time for the Australian artist, as he is putting the final touches on his next Los Palmas tour, with one of his favourite international artists joining him for a run of shows across Australia. POOLCLVB has some very exciting collaborations in the works.

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