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Hedara triumphs over emotional pain on "Hurts"

With innumerable obstacles in her way, you might expect London-based electro-pop femme fatale Hedara to throw in the towel, but the truth is far from it. She takes such anguish as heartbreak, or even more harrowingly, a near-death experience and coma, in her stride; and to prolific creative success no less.

Latest, "Hurts" performs a personal narrative on taking control of a destructive relationship, stating in the press release that she's, "done with the excuses. Something worth having shouldn’t hurt and it’s time to walk away."  Clearly fueled by the high levels of emotion, what shines brightest here is her vocal ability and the effortless control over the high-end of her range. Enjoy this, and much more from her self-released EP of the same name, which can be streamed here.

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