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Martini G, Boom, and NBDY100 don't want you to "Chit" like that

Detroit, Michigan rapper, Martini G, comes together with BOOM, and NBDY100 to deliver an enthralling new track "Chit."
"Chit" is simply a word that Martini G decided to put to use instead of chatter. Consisting of intriguingly catchy lyrics, the listeners will find themselves wanting to sing along throughout the day. Suggesting that others should mind their business instead of constantly talking and spreading false claims, these artists tell others "don't chit like that." Rapping these words over beats that give a feeling of obscurity yet a feeling of power simultaneously, one is able to experience an ignitability of the senses. Particularly, the beginning of the track gives off a magnetic-like production that truly draws everyone in. Filled with energetic vibes, "Chit" will have everyone singing and nodding their heads along, especially in Detroit. 
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