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Hot Minute's "Drive" is a neon-tinged pop dream

Since the feature film of the same name in 2011, not much has come close bottling it's refined and vivid aesthetic, but Manchester's alt-pop trio Hot Minute has dutifully delivered with "Drive". Speaking of the film, sonically, the first thing that came to mind was if Pale Waves had written College & Electric Youth's "A Real Hero", with some of Kavinsky's synths included in their arsenal, as well as a truly killer saxophone solo to boot.

The lyrics speak to the title in a literal sense, with band member Courtney stating in the press release that, "I think everyone can relate to needing to escape sometimes - like you could just leave in search of something bigger,” going to note it covers something else equally as relatable, "the romanticised relationship of the high you get while chasing what feels like an impossible dream". A perfectly executed release from a poised trio, expect more to come.

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