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Nilo Blues shares bold debut single and music video "No Risk Involved"

New rapper and singer Nilo Blues has just delivered his debut single entitled "No Risk Involved" along with a powerful and playful video to match. This single is the first ever official studio music from Nilo Blues. It showcases his eager and expansive vocal abilities over engaging production while also challenging the limitations placed on Asian communities in the western context. The result is a highly resilient effort that is unapologetically unique and full of promising personality.

"No Risk Involved" looks systematic and cultural oppression in the face and proudly dismisses it. It shows a young yet confident artist who is highly aware of his own potential as well as the social context he operates in.  In the flashy falsetto hook, Nilo recounts narratives that him and his people have heard for years: "You want it all. You can't afford it. It's not your fault. It's what they taught you... Do what you're told." Then when the verses hit and Blues gets to rap, he sets the record straight with "Fuck it, imma keep doin' my own shit." The accompanying video brings similar narratives too, showing an auction scene in which old white men are bidding on fetishized Asian women.

But even on the surface, this track is a force to be reckoned with. The versatility of Nilo Blues is undeniable as his voice can come at you sharp and witty or smooth and soothing.  The beat features dreamy synth whistles balanced with edgy and pressing guitar cuts. Moreover, the multifaceted track is an excellent first look for Nilo, fun and charming one moment and thoughtful and impactful the next. Such a balance of dimensions is a great one to maintain in today's rap landscape.

Connect with Nilo Blues: Spotify | Twitter | Instagram

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