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Sea Offs consider identity in an introspective new folk single "Will (You)"

I’ve been in the need for a folk song, one filled with drama and suspense. Dramatic, I know. I’ve found it in the duo Sea Offs' latest single “Will (You)”. Released today, the track incorporates features like timid background chimes and a gradual crescendo of instrumentals.

“Will (You)” is an account of the struggle for identity in a relationship, and the often toxic identities we assume when we’re within one. The track begins with airy vocals and an ethereal backdrop of delicately played instrumentals. These grow until the very end, exploding into an intense ending to this difficult study of self.

The two musicians (Olivia and Rashmit) first met in college, one hailing from Pennsylvania and one from India, and bonded over their love of folk music and mutual socio-political beliefs. They began writing in college and after graduation, they released their 2016 debut EP Sea the Blind while touring in support of acts such as Girlpool, The Shacks, and Hodera to name a few. This March, their follow-up EP En Route focuses on a similar theme to this first single - love and its many forms. I'm anticipating more climactic and vivid folk tracks on this next release, tapping into the same energy as "Will (You)". 

En Route is expected March 27th. 

Connect with Sea Offs: Website | Instagram | Spotify

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