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Tafari Anthony has a message for clingy exes in new single “Centerfold” 

Toronto based R&B soul/pop artist Tafari Anthony brings a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘earworm’. Pronounced Ta-far-eye, the Canadian musician has been causing quite a storm with his distinct branding, being described as an amalgamation of John Legend’s sexy, soulful sound and Charlie Puth’s explosive pop melodies. His latest single “Centerfold” highlights his incredibly soulful vocals, which bleed with emotion and passion. Accompanied with a surge of synths and punchy percussion, the sultry release achieves a euphoric eruption.

The voluptuous single is the ultimate self-love anthem, declaring you’ve had enough of an exe’s poisonous ways. The singer shares, “I’m a pretty calm guy, but when I get to my breaking point, it’s hard to hold my tongue. This song was written from sheer frustration of trying to let him down gently and realizing that he just refused to understand”. A common emotion we are often faced with at some point in our lives, Tafari establishes his point of view through a seemingly sassy delivery and we can’t get enough.

“Centerfold” is the singer's first step into the pop world - a place he has always wanted to explore. Having never felt comfortable to venture into his favorite genre, Tafari took a break from music to concentrate on what he calls his own interpretation of pop music and the result is the pop banger “Centerfold”. 

Connect with Tafari Anthony: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram 



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