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Mo Lowda & The Humble shed light on choosing your path on “LA Loop (The Lens)”

On the heels of their poignant indie-rock single “Sleeves” out in early January, Philly-based outfit Mo Lowda & The Humble arrive with “LA Loop (The Lens).” It serves as the second single to their forthcoming LP Ready Coat.

“LA Loop (The Lens)” is a guitar-churning and expansive endeavor moving with sheer fluidity. It breathes new life into a band heading into their third full-length record. Delivering subtle surprises at every turn and crafting a rich, lush soundscape with delayed guitars and exquisite instrumentation, the band offers up something special once again. Jordan Caiola pull listeners in with his enthralling vocals and vivid storytelling that entices a much needed spiritual awakening for many. However, his vocals are restrained, more so than previous efforts. Ultimately, the band’s composition relies heavily on its beautifully vast yet lengthened resonance that remains in your mind well after its completion.

“The vocals stress the importance of choosing your own path in life, without the influence of others’ opinions,” frontman Jordan Caiola informed me over email. He continued to note that; “‘LA Loop (The Lens)’ gets the first part of its name from its origin as a song. It spawned from a voice memo recording of a drum loop that Shane Woods was playing at a band rehearsal in Los Angeles in 2018. The song sat in its infancy stages as a demo with no vocals for months and months and seemed like it was a little out of the realm of the band's sound at the time. However, once the decision was made to add a touring band member, it was given another chance and new life.”

Mo Lowda & The Humble is comprised of lead singer/guitarist Jordan Caiola, bassist/keyboardist Jeff Lucci, drummer Shane Woods, and touring member Kirby Sybert. The band’s upcoming third LP Ready Coat is due out March 6th. They kick off their spring tour on March 20th in Virginia while making stops in DC, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

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Alternative · Indie · Soft Rock


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