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RICEWINE shares fun dance ballad "Ocean"

Adventurous Melbourne vocalist and instrumentalist RICEWINE has just released an enamoring new track "Ocean." The new single comes following a variety of dreamy releases in 2019 and ahead of upcoming LP Lovesick slated for release on April 24. An infectious anthem of care-free love, "Ocean" excellently mixes ambient, pop, hip-hop, and R&B sounds to create a progressive groove that showcases the many dimensions of RICEWINE's talent. Its beautiful feel-good atmosphere begs for summer energy even amidst a cold winter.

The track title "Ocean" functions on many levels in the context of the track as well as RICEWINE as a person. For one, it's a reference to the young prodigy's name, Talae, which means 'ocean' in Thai. The track itself also bares many resemblances to an ocean, whether it be the reprised line "I'll sail the seven seas for you", the vast 4:48 runtime that allows for lulls and peaks, or even the wavy ambient chords meshed up with choppy boom-baps in the beat. More importantly, the continual comparisons between love and the ocean blended with the joyous and uplifting instrumental feel freeing like a nice day at the beach. "Ocean" is the kind of track that throws a lot out at you at once. It's a song that you can listen back through and hear new exciting voices. But when everything fuses together, the clever raps, dreamy vocals, rich chords and steady beats, the soundscape becomes incredibly immersive. At the track's best, it can bring powerful meaning to RICEWINE's repeated words "ain't no worry in the world."

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Dreampop · Electronic · Hip-Hop · R&B


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