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TRP.P and Lu Asfaha team up to create the ingenious visuals for “Chakra Con”

Toronto soul and hip-hop duo TRP.P (comprised of singer/rapper pHoenix Pagliacci and producer/singer TRuss) take the phrase “protect ya energy” to a whole new level in the video for “Chakra Con”. 

“Chakra Con”, which is the third visual from TRP.P’s debut album, 2TRP.P, was directed and edited by Toronto-based director Lu Asfaha. It sees Pagliacci and TRuss–and their doppelgangers–doing everything in their power to protect their peace, and energy drainers doing the absolute most to invade it. Leeches, or “chakra cons” as TRP.P has ingeniously coined, are disruptors of one’s balance. They are depicted in the video as texts from blacklisted numbers with unsolicited requests: asks for favours, invites to hang from exes and flaky friends, and greetings from acquaintances trying to re-insert themselves as relevant just to ensure they still have access into the lives of Pagliacci and TRuss. 

The song's concept is perfectly paired with visuals that drive home the idea of finding balance in a world where it's so easy to fall prey to the cons of convenience: “In this day and age, technology gives people an unprecedented level of access to us that I think can be really unhealthy if you don't know how to find a balance,” explains Asfaha over email.

Don’t let the inventive lyrics and musical composition of “Chakra Con” go over your head as you digest the brilliant visuals. Aptly titled as a tribute to one of the greatest motown/soul wonders of our generation, “Chakra Con” has a timeless soulfulness weaved into it. Its groovy bassline, gospel-like runs from Pagliacci, and smooth synths make for one hell of a creamy soundtrack for one’s self-care. A pleasant surprise for its listeners, “Chakra Con” flows into another cut from 2TRP.P, “NRG”, where we see TRuss excel not just as a producer, but as a singer-songwriter. 

Watch the visuals for “Chakra Con” above.

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