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Patrick Topping and Kevin Saunderson team up for an acid-laced "Frisk"

Kevin Saunderson continues laying down his techno legacy as he kicks off 2020 with a heavy-hitting collaboration from UK DJ/Producer Patrick Topping. "Frisk" is nothing short of acid-laced madness, a number that fills the expanse of techno with fervor and grit.

In true manners of techno music, "Frisk" constructs a foundation of persistent shakers and claps, before delving deep in to the acid end for a hedonistic yet sultry take on the genre. There's a distinct yet cleverly simple bassline that drives the track—both Saunderson and Topping ensuring an all-around entrancing and utterly danceable three minutes with just the most subtle touches of bounce.

"Frisk" is not the first sighting of the guys joining forces as Topping played on Saunderson's Origins stage at Detroit's Movement Festival in 2018. The latter carefully curates the Origins line-ups to reflect his vision of artists that have built fruitful legacies, who are making waves in the present, and driving the scene forward. "Patrick Topping is the present and the future," Saunderson shares. "He played a fantastic set for Origins, and we completely connected. He's a straight-up, humble guy, who makes straight talking music, which is why we aligned so well in making this track."

Topping in turn, also had kind words to say, revealing it to be a massive dream of his to collaborate with Saunderson. "Inner City's "Big Fun" was one of the first house tracks I ever fell in love with," the UK producer notes. "It's an honour to work with one of the inventors of techno, as I've been a massive fan for years."


Connect with Patrick Topping: SoundCloud | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram
Connect with Kevin Saunderson: SoundCloud | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram



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