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"Clairvoyant Frog" marks the first release on Cinnaman's "Visible Spectrum" label

After almost two decades working under the Cinnaman alias, Yuri Boselie has launched a new label, Visible Spectrum, with a track from one of the scene’s most promising names, Mor Elian. The three-track EP gives an enchanting insight into the fresh sounds coming from the Berlin-based DJ and producer.


As the owner of the Fever AM label, Elian is an experienced producer; this latest release showcases exactly what is so special about her. The first track on the EP, “Clairvoyant Frog” is as weird and wonderful as it’s title. It’s as relaxing as it is hypnotic and entrancing, which provides for a deep listening experience. “Shoshana’s Roses” follows an entirely different trail. Whilst it still has the bewitching hold over the listener that so many of Elian’s productions do, this track is one which is filled with rattling drums and a beat that just makes you want to shake your hips.

The final track of the EP, “Planet Kismet” has more of a sense of urgency to it. A fine example of breakbeat techno at its classiest, this one’s an absolute heater for the dance floor. The warped synths add an other-worldly tinge to the track, casting a spell over the listener. Each track is equally mesmerising, whilst being completely different from the last. Clairvoyant Frog is an EP which can be enjoyed and appreciated whilst doing day to day activities, or just as much on a booming soundsystem; it has that charm to it. Visible Spectrums is described as “an outlet for electronic music in the widest sense”, and if Elian’s first contribution is anything to go by, there are no doubts that there are plenty more exciting productions to come via this label.

Clairvoyant Frog can be streamed and purchased via Bandcamp.

Connect with Mor Elian: Spotify | Twitter | Instagram

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