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Heavy Hearts transcend rock on "Vexed" [Video]

Formed and based in Niagara-on-the-lake, Ontario, alternative rock quintet Heavy Hearts continue on their international journey of rock non-conformity with the gritty, and attitude-laden "Vexed". Championing the emo, post-punk, alt. rock revival ushered in by the likes of the My Chemical Romance reunion, their latest foray carries all the hallmarks of the glory days of the mid-'00s rock, yet sharpens it up with their distinct sonic range and modern sensibilities.

Hints of a lifetime of rock shine through in here, woven together by their unmistakable ability span that wide palette and syphon it all through their refined personality with remarkable finesse. "Vexed" hits hard, and in the best way possible; whetting appetites for their sophomore album, expect this and so much more from Heavy Hearts this year.

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Indie · Post-Rock · Rock


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