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Yung Pinch lets go of wavy debut album 'Back 2 The Beach'

Huntington Beach rapper/singer Yung Pinch first broke onto the scene in 2016 with his song "Rock With Us," which saw him and his friends surrounding a red Chevy Impala in his hometown. On Friday, Pinch released his debut album, Back 2 The Beach, which had the same Chevy Impala on its cover. Beginning with the cover artwork, the album is both a return to form and a display of growth for the young artist. Executive produced by Cisco Adler, the album is filled with upbeat, vibey tracks that are exactly what early fans are looking for. Still, there are slower, more emotional songs where Pinch allows his high-pitched vocals to act as a vessel for introspective messages to cut through. Back 2 The Beach feels like the most honest version of Yung Pinch; it's a polished album that leaves no questions about how well he knows himself or understands his journey. 

Across the album's 16 tracks, he implores punk, pop, and hip-hop sounds over instrumentation that is generally a wavy hip-hop lane. He is honest about his struggles as a artist but sounds excited to be able to showcase his home, the beach. Highlights from the project include the more pop-oriented, blackbear-assisted "Beach Ballin'" single and "Cross My Mind," the latter of which details a relationship's changes alongside Pinch's rise to fame. Press play on Back 2 The Beach up above. 

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