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Tommi Waring returns with radiant energy on "Moonracer"

While many of us in the Northern hemisphere are experiencing the frigid temperatures of winter, Tommi Waring has delivered an effortlessly stylish new single that will provide some warm vibes to get even the coldest among us to groove along.

“Moonracer” is the first release of the new year from the Florida native and it shows off his strong musicianship and laid-back yet impactful vocal delivery. As the music slowly fades into the song’s opening moments, Waring sets the tone with a churning, infectious beat and sensual guitar flourishes throughout. Before his voice even enters the mix, listeners' heads will likely be nodding along. His soulful vocals provide a captivating focal point as he discusses connections with others amid the potential isolation caused by a curious mind. The result is a gleaming track that will get bodies moving while packing a refreshingly honest lyrical perspective. Hopefully “Moonracer” is a sign of more music to come from Tommi Waring in the new decade.

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Feature · Indie · Indie Pop · Soul


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