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Julia Bhatt debuts percussive alt-pop track "I'm Cool"

Eighteen-year-old prodigy Julia Bhatt is back with another heart-thumping single “I’m Cool.” This is the young singer-songwriter’s first single of 2020 but already showcases her natural talent for delivering earnest songwriting through inescapably catchy melodies. Bhatt touches upon the importance of being vulnerable, sharing that “...Crying and going through rough times doesn’t make you any less cool.” The theme of the song is uplifting, and the track’s upbeat pace reflects that. Bhatt’s vocals are punchy and synced up to a meaty bassline that propels the track forward and gives it its spice.

It is Bhatt’s genre-jumping ability that allows her to stand out as she takes an alt-pop approach but with flourishes of classic rock elements, R&B, and even percussive world elements. Having released two singles last year (“Tall” and “Marco”), Bhatt is quickly finding herself in the conversation of alt- pop’s surging artists, a genre that continues to dominate playlists. Bhatt’s edge is in her rhythmic tracks, which are dance-inducing, borrowing for sure from the dance-crazed culture of her hometown of Miami—a wonderful tinge.

In a crowded pop market, it can be hard to stand out, but Julia Bhatt is doing just that and at a very young age. 2020 should be an eventful year for this blossoming artist, a single listen of “I’m Cool” is a good proof of that. From the bossa nova beats to Bhatt’s sharp vocal delivery, there is little not to adore.

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