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Lex Lavo finally finds out "The Truth"

Lex Lavo, a musical artist from Spanish Harlem, drops a new fiery single called "The Truth." There are always three sides to a story. This time, one of them is this artist's truth. 

The way that Lex Lavo gently sings throughout this track creates a moody setting that can miraculously dim the lights of the room. While consciously listening to "The Truth," the audience is able to hear the many revelations that Lex Lavo has. Perhaps, some may even find themselves connecting to a few of the gems that he has to offer. Finally coming to an understanding of what is important in his life, he realizes his wants and needs as he opens his heart to the beat of the music. Tired of the empty lies, he is in search of the truth: a real bond and real love. Lavo's storytelling songwriting takes listeners on a cathartic journey that explores the true emotions within themselves. Will you join him on his journey? 
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Hip-Hop · R&B


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