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Simone Venanzi draws inspiration upon nature in 'Feder'

Istinto Records boss Simone Venanzi returns to Sonora Records with his newest compilation Feder—one that also features a remix from Christian Burkhardt. Cutting his teeth in Rome, the producer studied at Centro Studi Musicali Roma / Electronic Music Division while DJ-ing across Italy. On Feder, he continues to refine his intimate signatures by drawing on an acute exposure to nature from a studio situated in Italian woodland.

Shuffling hi-hats encapsulate piano-laden subtleties in titular track "Feder", opening the EP with an almost introspective ambiance. One can openly revel in the rolling undertones and flying stereo effects with ease, as Venanzi delivers solid kicks for a fulfilling sonic experience. In his remix duties, Burkhardt serves up a bubbling bassline, slick synth work and a stripped back drum pattern for another robust perspective of "Feder".

Following the opening track is "Mentor", a number that rolls sinfully through lush sub frequencies. Venanzi is careful in curating zappy risers and grooves for a unique twist, his attentiveness bearing fruit to an exquisite track. "Bubble Air" is quick to follow, swinging in with firmly rooted drums, organic percussion and filtered pads for an enigmatic stance. Finally, "Morning Road" pulses with a reverbed synth and grooving shakers for an alluring low-end arrangement before "Cosmix Delay" closes the compilation with blissful chords punctuated with dubby bass, syncopated hats and shimmering stabs.

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