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Talk Show announce debut EP with poignant single "Banshee"

New wave punk up-and-comers Talk Show are entering 2020 snarlier than ever. Their first single of the year "Banshee", is an energised example of seething post-punk, projecting their poignant guitar lines to the forefront of the UK scene. With their daring sonic intentions and with the ferocity of their successful London counterparts, "Banshee" offers a sense of risk - the calm before the storm, if you will - ahead of their debut EP release.

Sliced with gothic inflections, the single is a menacing introduction to those who are yet to discover the visceral band. Fiercely snarling lyrics over a spout of heavy melancholia, there's a stirring feeling of raw emotion, a true telling of a "frustrated lovelorn tale". 

Explaining the release, lead vocalist and guitarist Harrison Swann says: "We didn’t want Banshee to feel depressing or hopeless, more heartfelt and ardent. I wanted the lyrics and song to progress through a relationship which brings no resolution, nor closure for the protagonist."

Talk Show's debut EP These People drops on March 27th. 

Connect with Talk Show: Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | Spotify

New Wave · Post-Punk


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